Sec. Dealer’s License — Suspension or Revocation  

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  • A. The Secretary shall suspend a dealer’s license if the dealer is:

    (1) Under indictment for a crime of violence; or

    (2) Arrested for a violation that would prohibit the purchase or possession of a regulated firearm.

    B. The Secretary may suspend a dealer’s license if the dealer is not in compliance with the recordkeeping and reporting requirements of Regulation .43 of this chapter. The Secretary may lift this suspension after the dealer provides evidence that the violation has been corrected.

    C. The Secretary shall revoke a dealer’s license if the dealer:

    (1) Supplied false information or made false statements in the dealer’s license application or renewal application;

    (2) Is prohibited from possessing a regulated firearm;

    (3) Has knowingly or willfully manufactured, sold, or offered to sell a handgun not on the handgun roster in violation of Public Safety Article, §5-406, Annotated Code of Maryland;

    (4) Has knowingly or willfully participated in a straw purchase of a regulated firearm; or

    (5) Has sold, rented, transferred, transported, delivered, or acquired a regulated firearm without complying with all applicable State laws and regulations.

    D. If the Secretary suspends or revokes a dealer’s license, the Secretary shall provide written notice of the suspension or revocation to the person whose license was suspended or revoked. The written notice shall contain the reasons the license was suspended or revoked and a statement of the person’s appeal rights.

    E. A person whose dealer’s license is suspended or revoked may not engage in the business of selling, renting, or transferring regulated firearms, unless the suspension or revocation has been subsequently withdrawn by the Secretary or overruled by a court.