Sec. Dealers — Records  

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  • A. Recordkeeping.

    (1) A dealer shall keep records of all acquisitions, receipts, sales, rentals, transfers, and other dispositions of firearms affected in connection with the dealer’s business, including a copy of all firearm applications, for a minimum of 3 years.

    (2) The records shall include:

    (a) The name and address of each person from whom the dealer acquires a firearm;

    (b) The name and address of each person to whom the dealer sells, rents, transfers, or otherwise disposes of a firearm;

    (c) The make, caliber, model, type, finish, barrel length, serial number, country of origin, and date of manufacture of each firearm acquired, sold, rented, transferred, or otherwise disposed of; and

    (d) The date of each acquisition, receipt, sale, rental, transfer, or other disposition.

    (3) The records shall be maintained in alphabetical or chronological order, in the manner prescribed by the Secretary.

    (4) Records maintained under 18 U.S.C. §923(g)(1)(a) may be used to satisfy the requirements of this section, if the Secretary is granted access to those records.

    B. A dealer shall respond within 48 hours after receipt of a request from the Secretary for information contained in the records required to be kept under this regulation when the information is requested in connection with a bona fide criminal investigation. The information shall be provided in the manner required by the Secretary.

    C. When the Secretary provides written notification to a dealer, the dealer shall submit to the Secretary the information required to be kept under §A of this regulation for the time period specified by the Secretary.

    D. The Secretary may inspect the inventory and records of a dealer at any time during the normal business hours of the dealer’s business. The Secretary shall inspect the records and inventory of a dealer at least once every 2 years.

    E. The Secretary may make available to a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency any information obtained relating to the identities of persons who have unlawfully purchased or received firearms.

    F. When a dealer’s business is discontinued and succeeded by a new dealer, the records required under §A of this regulation shall reflect the business discontinuance and succession and shall be delivered to the successor dealer.