Sec. Qualified Handgun Instructor — Generally  

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  • A. A person is a Qualified Handgun Instructor if the person has:

    (1) A valid Qualified Handgun Instructor License issued by the Secretary in accordance with Regulation .38 of this chapter;

    (2) Been recognized by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions; or

    (3) A valid instructor certification issued by a nationally recognized firearms organization.

    B. A Qualified Handgun Instructor shall provide proof of certification or qualification to the Secretary before providing instruction to an applicant for a Handgun Qualification License or a handgun permit.

    C. Upon a person’s satisfactory completion of an applicable firearms training course, a Qualified Handgun Instructor shall:

    (1) Provide the person a Firearms Safety Training Certificate that includes:

    (a) The person’s name and date of birth;

    (b) The instructor’s name;

    (c) Whether the completed course was a Firearms Safety Training Course or a Handgun Permit Training Course;

    (d) The length in hours of the course;

    (e) The date of course completion;

    (f) The location of the training;

    (g) A declaration certifying that the course met the minimum standards prescribed by the Secretary; and

    (h) A declaration certifying that the person completed the course; and

    (2) Submit the requisite information to the Licensing Division, Department of State Police, as prescribed by the Secretary.