Sec. Multiple Purchases — Generally  

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  • A. Except as provided in §§B and C of this regulation, a person may not purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period.

    B. The restriction in §A of this regulation does not apply to:

    (1) A law enforcement agency;

    (2) An agency authorized to perform law enforcement duties;

    (3) A state or local correctional facility;

    (4) A private security company licensed to do business within the State;

    (5) A purchase of an antique firearm;

    (6) A purchase by a dealer;

    (7) An exchange or replacement of a regulated firearm by a dealer or seller for a regulated firearm purchased from the dealer or seller by the same person seeking the exchange or replacement within 30 days immediately before the exchange or replacement; or

    (8) A person whose regulated firearm is stolen or irretrievably lost and who considers it essential that the regulated firearm be replaced immediately, if:

    (a) The person provides the dealer with a copy of the official police report or an official summary of the report, a copy of which shall be attached to the application to purchase or transfer a regulated firearm;

    (b) The official police report or official summary of the report contains the name and address of the regulated firearm owner, a description of the regulated firearm, the location and date of the loss or theft, and the date on which the loss or theft was reported to the law enforcement agency; and

    (c) The date of the loss or theft as reflected on the official police report or official summary of the report occurred within 30 days immediately before the attempt to replace the regulated firearm.

    C. A person may apply for a multiple purchase of regulated firearms if the purchase of the regulated firearms is:

    (1) A bulk purchase from an estate sale;

    (2) For a private collection or a collector series;

    (3) For the purpose of taking advantage of a dealer’s discounted price available only for a multiple purchase and:

    (a) The purchase does not exceed two regulated firearms; and

    (b) The purchaser will not purchase a regulated firearm during the following 30-day period, unless approved for a multiple purchase under §C(1) or (2) of this regulation; or

    (4) For other similar purposes.