Sec. Straw Purchases  

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  • A. A person may not knowingly or willfully participate in a straw purchase of a regulated firearm.

    B. A person may not complete an application to purchase or transfer a regulated firearm with the intent to sell, rent, loan, or transfer that regulated firearm to another individual.

    C. A person may not use another person to purchase or receive a regulated firearm.

    D. A person may not transport a regulated firearm into the State with the intent to illegally sell, rent, or transfer the regulated firearm.

    E. A dealer or person may not sell, rent, or transfer a regulated firearm to a person whom the dealer or person knows or has reasonable cause to believe is a participant in a straw purchase.

    F. This regulation does not apply to a person purchasing a regulated firearm as a gift pursuant to Regulation .09 of this chapter.