Chapter 13A.08.01. General Regulations  

Sec. 13a.08.01.00. Notations
Sec. 13a.08.01.01. Attendance
Sec. 13a.08.01.02. Age for School Attendance
Sec. 13a.08.01.02-1. Definitions
Sec. 13a.08.01.02-2. Exemptions to Kindergarten Attendance Requirement
Sec. 13a.08.01.02-3. Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
Sec. 13a.08.01.03. Lawful Absence
Sec. 13a.08.01.04. Unlawful Absence
Sec. 13a.08.01.05. Student Attendance Policy
Sec. 13a.08.01.06. [Repealed]
Sec. 13a.08.01.07. Student Withdrawal Status
Sec. 13a.08.01.08. Substance Use or Distribution
Sec. 13a.08.01.09. Student Organizations
Sec. 13a.08.01.10. Guidelines for Students' Responsibilities and Rights
Sec. 13a.08.01.11. Disciplinary Action
Sec. 13a.08.01.12. Arrests on School Premises
Sec. 13a.08.01.12-1. Bringing or Possessing a Firearm on School Property
Sec. 13a.08.01.13. Questioning on School Premises
Sec. 13a.08.01.14. Searches
Sec. 13a.08.01.15. Reporting Delinquent Acts
Sec. 13a.08.01.16. Integration
Sec. 13a.08.01.17. School Use of Reportable Offenses
Sec. 13a.08.01.18. Definitions for Regulations .19—.20
Sec. 13a.08.01.19. Probationary and Persistently Dangerous School Designation
Sec. 13a.08.01.20. Unsafe School Transfer Policy
Sec. 13a.08.01.21. Reducing and Eliminating Disproportionate/Discrepant Impact
Sec. 13a.08.01.9999. Administrative History