Sec. 13a.03.04.05. Testing Behavior Violations  

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  • A. It is a violation of test security for an individual to fail to follow test administration procedures promulgated by the local board of education or the State Board of Education and published in test administration manuals and related materials for mandatory tests administered by or through the State Board of Education to students or educators.

    B. It is a violation of test security for an individual to:

    (1) Give examinees access to secure test items or materials before testing;

    (2) Give unauthorized individuals access to secure test items or materials;

    (3) Copy, reproduce, use, or otherwise disclose in any manner inconsistent with test security regulations and procedures any portion of secure test materials;

    (4) Provide answer keys or answers orally, in writing, or by any other means, to examinees;

    (5) Coach examinees during testing by giving them answers to test questions or otherwise directing or guiding their responses or altering or interfering with examinees' responses in any way;

    (6) Fail to follow security regulations and procedures for distribution and return of secure test materials, or fail to account for all secure test materials before, during, and after testing;

    (7) Fail to properly monitor test administration, including permitting inappropriate collaboration between or among individuals;

    (8) Administer State-mandated tests on dates other than those specified by the Department;

    (9) Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist, encourage, or fail to report any of the acts prohibited in this chapter; or

    (10) Refuse to disclose information regarding test security violations.

    C. The local school system shall investigate any allegations of violations of test security and report the results to the Department in a timely fashion.