Sec. 13a.03.04.03. Local School System Test Administration and Data-Reporting Policies  

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  • A. A local school system shall develop and adopt test administration and data-reporting policies.

    B. The test administration policy shall provide for:

    (1) The security of the materials during testing and the storage under lock and key of all secure tests and test materials in all versions, including, but not limited to, answer keys, audio tapes, videotapes, compact disks (CDs), and examinee answer documents, before, during, and after testing;

    (2) The proper administration of tests and the monitoring of test administrations;

    (3) Training, at least annually, of appropriate personnel on test administration policy and procedures;

    (4) The prohibition of electronic devices, including personal devices, (unless required for testing or administrative purposes) in testing rooms during testing; and

    (5) The retention of an archival document for a minimum of 6 years after the date of test administration, containing the following information for each testing group each testing day:

    (a) Name and student identification number for each student;

    (b) School and system names and identifiers;

    (c) Names of the test administrators, examiners, accommodators, and proctors; and

    (d) Unique test document identification number for each student for paper testing only.

    C. The data reporting policy shall contain:

    (1) Procedures for the accurate and timely collection, storage, and retrieval of data required by the State Board as described in Regulation .01 of this chapter;

    (2) Procedures for reporting assessment results to parents/guardians of students within 30 days of receipt by the local school system, but no later than the 15th of September for spring assessment results.

    (3) Procedures for the delivery of assessment results to parents/guardians by one or more of these methods:

    (a) First-class mail;

    (b) Backpack or student folder only if parents/guardians are notified by phone or electronically to expect the assessment results to be delivered on a date certain by that method;

    (c) Personally at Parent/Teacher conferences; or

    (d) Electronically through the communication system used by the local school system to keep parents/guardians informed; and

    (4) Training of appropriate personnel on data reporting procedures.

    D. Test Administration and Certification of Training Forms.

    (1) The Department and each local school system shall use a Department provided or approved test administration and certification of training form and a Department provided or approved nondisclosure agreement, as appropriate, for its employees.

    (2) Before initially handling any test materials, and annually after that, each individual directly or indirectly involved shall sign a test administration and certification of training form or a nondisclosure agreement, whichever is applicable.

    (3) All signed forms and agreements shall be retained by the Department or local school system for the duration of the individual's employment or relationship with the Department or local school system.

    (4) Forms and agreements may be signed electronically using any means approved by the Department.

    E. Electronic Archival of Documents. Each local school system may develop and adopt policies and procedures for the secure electronic archival of paper documents.