Sec. Entrance-Level Firearms Classroom Instruction, Training, and Qualification — Primary Handgun  

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  • A. An individual shall successfully complete the minimum requirements for entrance-level handgun classroom instruction, training, and qualification established under this regulation before using or carrying a primary handgun.

    B. Minimum entrance-level classroom instruction, training, and qualification for a primary handgun includes:

    (1) 35 hours of classroom instruction, training, and qualification;

    (2) Classroom instruction topics marked with an "X" under Entrance-Level Handgun Training in the table under Regulation .10B of this chapter;

    (3) The following activities conducted over a minimum of 3 separate calendar days:

    (a) Firearms training exercises; and

    (b) A course of fire for qualification for scoring that includes:

    (i) Three successive day-fire courses of fire; and

    (ii) One reduced light course of fire;

    (4) Use of ammunition authorized by the individual's law enforcement agency, or the ballistic equivalent when firing for qualification;

    (5) Discharging a minimum of 1,000 rounds of ammunition for training and qualification collectively; and

    (6) The course of fire requirements outlined in the table under Regulation .05 of this chapter.