Sec. Issuance of 60-Day Temporary Registration Plates  

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  • A. The Administration may authorize 60-day temporary registration plates to a dealer after proper electronic application in a format prescribed by the Administration and payment of the required fees as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

    B. Dealers may issue one 60-day temporary registration plate to a purchaser of a vehicle. Temporary registration plates may be issued on the date of delivery in those instances when delivery occurs on a date after the date of sale. The date of delivery as well as the date of sale shall be clearly reflected on the contract. The 60-day temporary registration certificate shall be signed by the person entitled to receive the plate and by the dealer or the dealer’s authorized agent.

    C. A dealer shall ensure that motor vehicle liability insurance is in effect before issuing a 60-day temporary registration plate.

    D. If a temporary registration plate is issued to commercial vehicles, the gross weight of the vehicles operating upon the temporary registration plate shall be:

    (1) The allowable gross weight designated on the application for permanent plates; or

    (2) If an application for permanent plates has not been submitted to the Administration, the maximum gross weight allowable for that vehicle.

    E. If the Administrator finds that the dealer is not complying with the provisions of these regulations or the directives of the Administration, the Administrator may disable the rights of a dealership to issue temporary 60-day registration plates.