Sec. Records  

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  • A. Records of the dealer business activities shall be preserved in their original form or a format approved by the Administration for a period of time as required by Transportation Article, §15-105, Annotated Code of Maryland.

    B. The records shall be accessible at the location approved by the Administration. If location is other than the licensed location, an electronic or other copy must be maintained at the licensed location and consist of but not be limited to:

    (1) Transactions regarding purchases, sales, and transfers of ownership, including those conducted with other licensed dealers and salesmen;

    (2) Collection of excise tax, titling, and registration fees;

    (3) Perpetual inventory of temporary registration plates, certificates, and registration permits assigned to and issued by the dealer. These records shall document the following:

    (a) Accounting of temporary registration plates, certificates and permits issued; and

    (b) An accounting of temporary registration plates, certificates and permits voided including an explanation of the reason for void;

    (4) An assigned title for each untitled vehicle in the dealer’s inventory; and

    (5) While the vehicle is in the possession of prospective retail customers, records documenting the:

    (a) Name of each prospective retail customer of the vehicle;

    (b) Beginning and ending odometer reading of the vehicle for the period each prospective retail customer had possession of the vehicle; and

    (c) Dealer tag number of interchangeable plate displayed on the vehicle.