Sec. Office Requirements  

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  • A. The dealership office shall be housed at the dealer’s fixed location and in a substantial building adequate and appropriate for the business so conducted.

    B. The dealership office shall be of sufficient size to accommodate customers and, in order to reasonably conduct the dealership’s business, shall be equipped with:

    (1) Office furniture, such as desk and chairs;

    (2) A secure area for storage of State property; and

    (3) Electricity, lighting, heat, and telephone service in the name of the dealership.

    C. A dealer licensee approved or renewed after September 30, 2017, shall have a continuing contract with a firm that provides electronic registering and titling services to the dealership.

    D. Be open for business to the public and open for inspection by the Administration during posted business hours.

    E. A current trader’s license shall be issued by the political subdivision of each location.

    F. This license shall be displayed as required under Regulation .07 of this chapter.