Sec. Location Requirements  

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  • A. The Administration reserves the right to inspect each location before approval of application for dealer registration and at any time during licensure period.

    B. Following approval of the application, the location shall be maintained in accordance with the applicable provisions of Transportation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, and the regulations promulgated by the Administration.

    C. Only one license for the type of vehicle being offered for sale will be permitted at any one location, and once the location has been licensed, it may not be subdivided for the purpose of establishing other businesses, under separate licenses for the same type of vehicle being offered for sale, without the prior approval of the Administration. This prohibition also applies to a licensee doing business under more than one corporate structure.

    D. The dealership shall face, adjoin, and be fully visible from an improved street or highway that is accessible to the public and that is identifiable by name or postal number. The street or highway shall be used by the public for vehicular travel.

    E. The location shall be of a size to adequately and safely permit the display of a minimum of ten vehicles and space for customer parking.

    F. The location shall meet local zoning regulations.

    G. The location shall be fully lighted.

    H. The display and customer parking areas shall be adequately surfaced with an appropriate covering, subject to approval by the Administration.

    I. The additional locations shall be inspected and approved by the Administration.

    J. Additional locations shall meet the minimum standards set forth in applicable provisions of the Transportation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, and the regulations promulgated by the Administration.

    K. Additional locations may use registration plates issued to the primary location provided the trade name and ownership are identical to that of the primary location.

    L. Locations shall have posted business hours.

    M. Signs.

    (1) Appropriate dealership signs shall be permanently affixed.

    (2) The signs shall be of a size as to make them reasonably legible from the street or highway.

    (3) The signs shall clearly identify the business conducted at the dealership and shall adequately direct the customers to the dealership office.

    (4) As to wholesale dealers, a sign is not required. However, if a sign is displayed, it:

    (a) Shall be permanently displayed at the dealership entrance;

    (b) May not use any state emblem; and

    (c) May not contain any language which implies the dealership will sell to or exchange vehicles with a retail buyer.

    N. Wholesale dealers shall operate in a fixed location and the space used shall be:

    (1) Owned or leased by the wholesale dealer; and

    (2) Regularly occupied and exclusively used by the wholesale dealer for dealership purposes.