Sec. DUI Education Program  

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  • To be licensed under this subtitle, a DUI education program shall:

    A. Provide services to individuals convicted under Transportation Article, §21-902, Annotated Code of Maryland, and ordered under Criminal Procedure Article, §6-219, to attend an education program;

    B. Provide a comprehensive assessment, unless the participant has received an assessment by a licensed or certified clinician, or licensed program within the preceding 45 days, of a participant’s current status and relevant history in the following areas:

    (1) Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD);

    (2) Employment or financial support;

    (3) Gambling behavior;

    (4) ATOD and gambling treatment history;

    (5) Mental health;

    (6) Legal involvement;

    (7) Family and social systems;

    (8) Educational involvement; and

    (9) Somatic health, including a review of medications;

    C. If the assessment determines that referral to a treatment program or other indicated service is necessary, make the referral and notify the court of the results of the assessment;

    D. Require participants to successfully complete, at a minimum, six weekly, 2-hour sessions for a total of 12 hours;

    E. Have instructors who, at a minimum, are certified as a Certified Supervised Counselor—Alcohol and Drug, as defined by Health Occupations Article, Title 17, Annotated Code of Maryland;

    F. Teach the Administration’s curriculum or an equivalent curriculum approved by the Department, which covers:

    (1) Scope of the drinking-driver problem;

    (2) Drinking driver patterns and characteristics;

    (3) The pharmacology of drugs and alcohol;

    (4) The process of addiction to drugs and alcohol;

    (5) The relationship of substance use to criminal, health, family, and other social problems; and

    (6) Treatment resources; and

    G. Report to the court or probation agent, as specified by the court order.