Sec. Substance-Related Disorder Assessment and Referral Program  

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  • To be licensed under this subtitle, a substance-related disorder assessment and referral program shall:

    A. Be operated by a State or local government entity;

    B. Provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s current status and relevant history in the following areas:

    (1) Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD);

    (2) Employment or financial support;

    (3) Gambling behavior;

    (4) ATOD and gambling treatment history;

    (5) Mental health;

    (6) Legal involvement;

    (7) Family and social systems;

    (8) Educational involvement; and

    (9) Somatic health, including a review of medication;

    C. Diagnose behavioral health disorders;

    D. Determine type and intensity of services needed for behavioral health disorders;

    E. Refer to behavioral health services programs and other services as determined by assessment with appropriate follow-up; and

    F. Have clinical staff authorized under the Health Occupations Article to provide the service.