Sec. User Load  

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  • A. The Secretary shall determine the user load, as defined in Regulation .05B(32) of this chapter, based on the following criteria:

    (1) For a pool and its deck, one individual is allowed for:

    (a) Every 12 square feet of water surface in shallow areas,

    (b) Every 15 square feet of water surface in areas exceeding 5 feet of water depth, excluding a diving area, and

    (c) The 300 square-foot diving area required for each diving board or diving platform;

    (2) For a spa, one individual is allowed for every 9 square feet of water surface; and

    (3) For a therapy pool, one individual is allowed for every:

    (a) Therapy station, or

    (b) 20 square feet of water surface, whichever is less.

    B. An owner shall ensure that the:

    (1) Number of individuals in a pool or spa and on the required deck area does not exceed the user load as set forth in §A of this regulation;

    (2) Number of individuals using an enclosed pool or spa area or a spectator area is in conformance with local fire code requirements; and

    (3) User load of a pool or spa is posted in a conspicuous place at the pool or spa.