Chapter 10.17.01. Public Swimming Pools and Spas  

Sec. Notations
Sec. Purpose and Scope
Sec. Exclusions
Sec. Previously Constructed Pools and Spas
Sec. Documents Incorporated by Reference
Sec. Definitions
Sec. Construction and Alteration Permits
Sec. Replacements
Sec. Repairs
Sec. Approval After Construction or Alteration
Sec. Permits for Operation
Sec. Suspension or Revocation of an Operating Permit
Sec. Inspections and Right of Entry
Sec. Conflict of Regulations
Sec. Standards for Recreational and Semipublic Pools
Sec. Standards for Public Spas
Sec. Standards for Limited Public-Use Pools
Sec. Standards for Water Recreational Attractions
Sec. Standards for Public Wading Pools
Sec. Standards for Public Therapy Pools
Sec. User Load
Sec. Public Pool or Spa Site
Sec. Barriers
Sec. Decks
Sec. Equipment Rooms
Sec. Pipe Material
Sec. Circulation Systems
Sec. Circulation System Components
Sec. Diving Area and Equipment
Sec. Suction Entrapment Prevention
Sec. Drain System Figures
Sec. Chemical Storage Area
Sec. Hydrostatic Relief Valves
Sec. Filter Backwash Water and Deck Drainage Disposal
Sec. Illumination of Water, Deck, and Walkway
Sec. Ventilation of an Indoor Recreational Pool, Semipublic Pool, or Public Spa
Sec. Plumbing
Sec. Toilet, Hand Sink, and Shower Facilities
Sec. Antiscald Protection for Showers
Sec. Accommodations for Disabled Individuals
Sec. Equipment Installation and Operating Instructions
Sec. Maintenance
Sec. Public Pool and Spa Safety
Sec. Pool and Spa Operator Certification
Sec. Approval of Operator's Course
Sec. Pool and Spa Operation
Sec. Disinfection of a Pool and Spa
Sec. Water Chemistry of a Pool and Spa
Sec. Operating Records Required
Sec. Test Kits
Sec. Sanitary Quality of Water
Sec. Chemical Handling and Storage
Sec. Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases
Sec. Injury and Illness Reports
Sec. Disinfection of Swimsuits and Towels
Sec. Variances
Sec. Compliance Schedules
Sec. Standardization and Audits of Local Health Departments
Sec. Administrative History