Sec. Pertussis  

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  • A. Control of a Case.

    (1) A health officer or health care provider shall recommend that a case may not attend school, a workplace, or a child care facility until the patient has received at least 5 days of appropriate antibiotics.

    (2) If a case does not receive antibiotics, a health officer shall restrict or exclude the case from attending a school, health care facility, child care facility, or workplace for 3 weeks after onset of cough.

    B. Control of Contacts. A health officer may:

    (1) Require all inadequately immunized household contacts younger than 7 years old to be excluded from schools, child care facilities, and public gatherings:

    (a) For 21 days after last exposure; or

    (b) Until the case patients and contacts have received 5 days of appropriate antibiotics;

    (2) Require all contacts to verify immunization status and be brought up to date if not adequately immunized to protect against subsequent exposure; and

    (3) Require antibiotic prophylaxis for contacts of cases.

    C. Infection Control. A health care provider shall practice droplet precautions for the shorter of:

    (1) 21 days after onset of cough; or

    (2) When a case has been on appropriate antibiotics for 5 days.