Sec. Mumps  

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  • A. Control of a Case. A health officer or health care provider shall recommend that a case may not attend a school, workplace, or child care facility from the onset of illness through the 5th day after onset of parotitis.

    B. Control of Contacts.

    (1) Nonimmune Individuals.

    (a) Nonimmune individuals for mumps, in general, are people who:

    (i) Have not received two doses of mumps containing vaccine on or after the first birthday;

    (ii) Have no documentation of immunity or disease; or

    (iii) Were born in or after 1957.

    (b) A health officer shall restrict or exclude a nonimmune contact from attending a school, health care facility, child care facility, or workplace until 25 days after the onset of parotitis in the last case of mumps.

    (2) A health officer:

    (a) May require all nonimmune individuals to be excluded from a school, workplace, or child care facility when a case of mumps is diagnosed or suspected in a student, employee, or volunteer of the school or facility; and

    (b) Shall authorize readmission upon documented proof of immunity in the form of:

    (i) An immunization record;

    (ii) A serologic test; or

    (iii) The low likelihood of disease transmission.

    C. Infection Control. A health care provider shall practice droplet precautions for 5 days after onset of parotitis.