Sec. Hepatitis, Viral Type A  

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  • A. Control of a Case. A case may not participate in an occupation involving food handling, patient care, or care of young children or the elderly for 1 week after onset of jaundice, or for 2 weeks after the onset of illness, if not jaundiced.

    B. Control of Contacts. For an individual who previously has not received hepatitis A vaccine, the physician in attendance or a health officer shall offer a single dose of single antigen hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin to contacts for prophylaxis:

    (1) As soon as possible, but within 2 weeks of exposure to household, sexual, child care, or other contacts as determined by a health officer; and

    (2) According to the following recommendations:

    (a) For a previously unvaccinated healthy individual 12 months old to 40 years old, single antigen hepatitis A vaccine at the age appropriate dose is recommended;

    (b) For a previously unvaccinated individual older than 40 years old, immune globulin is recommended and single antigen hepatitis A vaccine may be used if:

    (i) Immune globulin is not available; and

    (ii) The individual is healthy; or

    (c) For a previously unvaccinated child younger than 12 months old, an immunocompromised individual, an individual with chronic liver disease, or an individual for whom vaccine is contraindicated, immune globulin is recommended.

    C. Infection Control. Health care providers shall practice standard precautions.