Sec. Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases  

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  • A. Control of a Case or Contacts. If one of the following diseases is identified, a health officer shall follow the procedures detailed in this chapter for the specific disease:

    (1) Campylobacteriosis;

    (2) Cholera;

    (3) Escherichia coli O157:H7 and other Shiga-Like Toxin Producing Escherichia coli (STEC);

    (4) Hepatitis, viral type A;

    (5) Salmonellosis;

    (6) Shigellosis; and

    (7) Typhoid fever (Salmonella Typhi) or paratyphoid fever (Salmonella Paratyphi A, Salmonella Paratyphi B tartrate negative, and Salmonella Paratyphi C).

    B. Investigation and Control Measures.

    (1) A food establishment as defined in Health-General Article, §21-301, Annotated Code of Maryland, shall provide to a health officer the information the health officer or the Secretary determines to be necessary and pertinent to the investigation.

    (2) A health officer or the Secretary shall investigate the source, inspect food establishments, and collect samples of suspected foods and clinical specimens from food service workers and cases or contacts in an effort to determine the cause of a foodborne illness.

    (3) A health officer or the Secretary shall submit all samples for laboratory examination.

    (4) A health officer or the Secretary may detain a food item, issue a public notice requiring the recall or return of a food item, or prohibit the serving of food at a food service facility, until it is determined whether the food item or the facility is implicated as a source of illness.