Sec. Roof System  

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  • A. A home inspector shall visually inspect a roof system, including:

    (1) The roof covering;

    (2) Roof drainage systems;

    (3) Flashings; and

    (4) Skylights, chimneys, and exterior and roof penetrations.

    B. A home inspector shall describe the roof covering and report the methods used to inspect the roof.

    C. A home inspector is not required to:

    (1) Inspect:

    (a) Antennae;

    (b) Interiors of flues or chimneys that are not readily accessible; or

    (c) Other installed accessories;

    (2) Walk on or access a roof where it could damage the roof or roofing material or be unsafe for the home inspector;

    (3) Remove snow, ice, debris, or other conditions that prohibit the observation of the roof surfaces; or

    (4) Determine:

    (a) The remaining life expectancy of roof coverings;

    (b) The presence or absence of hail damage;

    (c) Manufacturer's defects;

    (d) Installation methods; or

    (e) The number of layers of roofing material.