Chapter 01.01. Executive Orders

Sec. 01.01.1971.11. Maryland Environmental Service
Sec. 01.01.1972.03. Governor's Representative for Highway Safety
Sec. 01.01.1973.04. State Emergency Medical System
Sec. 01.01.1978.05. Coastal Zone Management
Sec. 01.01.1980.06. Commission on State Debt
Sec. 01.01.1981.10. Employee Release Under Emergency Conditions
Sec. 01.01.1983.17. Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs and Activities
Sec. 01.01.1983.18. Privacy and State Data System Security
Sec. 01.01.1984.10. Housing Policy for the State of Maryland
Sec. 01.01.1985.02. Governor's Council on the Chesapeake Bay
Sec. 01.01.1985.04. Martin State Airport
Sec. 01.01.1985.34. Militia—Oaths of Enlistment or Appointment
Sec. 01.01.1986.12. Developmentally Disabled Persons
Sec. 01.01.1987.08. Maryland State Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities [Amended COMAR 01.01.1973.08]
Sec. 01.01.1987.11. Maryland Emergency Response Commission
Sec. 01.01.1987.19. Maryland State Agency for Surplus Property [Rescinded COMAR 01.01.1977.09]
Sec. 01.01.1987.22. Asbestos Oversight Committee
Sec. 01.01.1988.15. Maryland's Infants and Toddlers Program
Sec. 01.01.1988.16. Chesapeake Bay Communications Coordinating Office
Sec. 01.01.1989.15. State Employees Risk Management Administration
Sec. 01.01.1989.18. Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace (Non-State Entities)
Sec. 01.01.1990.04. Air Pollution—Emission Controls
Sec. 01.01.1990.13. Maryland Main Street Designation Program
Sec. 01.01.1991.02. State of Maryland Emergency Management Policy
Sec. 01.01.1991.16. State of Maryland Substance Abuse Policy
Sec. 01.01.1991.18. Office of Administrative Hearings [Amended COMAR 01.01.1989.21]
Sec. 01.01.1991.19. 40 Hour Work Week [Amended COMAR 01.01.1991.01 and 01.01.1991.15]
Sec. 01.01.1991.20. Conservation of Paper by Units of State Government
Sec. 01.01.1992.11. Building Performance Standards for State Buildings
Sec. 01.01.1992.20. Executive Agency Policy on Smoking
Sec. 01.01.1993.12. Regulatory Reform to Support Manufacturing and Technology-Related Industries
Sec. 01.01.1993.20. Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Sec. 01.01.1993.22. State Postsecondary Review Entity
Sec. 01.01.1993.24. Maryland Statewide Independent Living Council
Sec. 01.01.1993.28. State Employee Payroll Deductions [Amended COMAR 01.01.1986.14]
Sec. 01.01.1993.33. Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on Property Owned or Leased by the Mass Transit Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation
Sec. 01.01.1994.06. State Agencies—Internal Audits
Sec. 01.01.1994.12. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Sec. 01.01.1994.25. Grievance Procedure—State Employees
Sec. 01.01.1995.20. Potomac River Fisheries Commission
Sec. 01.01.1995.25. Consolidation of Chesapeake Bay Communications
Sec. 01.01.1996.03. Regulatory Standards and Accountability
Sec. 01.01.1996.07. Maryland Charity Campaign for State Employees and Retirees [Amended COMAR 01.01.1993.01]
Sec. 01.01.1996.13. Procedures for Labor-Management Relations in the Executive Branch of State Government
Sec. 01.01.1998.04. Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Policy
Sec. 01.01.1998.06. The Governor's Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities [Amended COMAR 01.01.1996.15]
Sec. 01.01.1998.07. Debt Issued by State Entities [Rescinded COMAR 01.01.1989.13]
Sec. 01.01.1998.25. Domestic Violence and the Workplace
Sec. 01.01.1999.30. PROTOCOL FOR THE MARYLAND STATE FLAG (Amends COMAR 01.01.1999.05)
Sec. 01.01.2001.02. Sustaining Maryland's Future with Clean Power, Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency
Sec. 01.01.2001.06. Water Conservation by State Agencies
Sec. 01.01.2001.18. Maryland State Rehabilitation Council [Amends Executive Order 01.01.1993.25]
Sec. 01.01.2001.22. Stormwater Management on State Lands
Sec. 01.01.2002.19. Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
Sec. 01.01.2003.18. Establishment of the Governor's Office Of Homeland Security
Sec. 01.01.2003.20. Implementation of the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act [Rescinded COMAR 01.01.1986.01, 01.01.1991.06, and 01.01.1996.04]
Sec. 01.01.2003.28. Governor's Commission on Migratory and Seasonal Farm Labor [Rescinded COMAR 01.01.1981.01, 01.01.1981.07, and 01.01.1984.02]
Sec. 01.01.2003.31. Access to Assistance and Benefits for Maryland Indians
Sec. 01.01.2003.49. Pesticide Advisory Committee [Rescinded COMAR 01.01.1993.21 and 01.01.1997.05]
Sec. 01.01.2004.21. Enhanced Forestry Management on the Department of Natural Resources-Owned Forest Lands
Sec. 01.01.2004.28. Terrorism Protection—Law Enforcement Services—Expanded Jurisdiction for Maryland Transportation Authority Police
Sec. 01.01.2004.57. Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2000.21)
Sec. 01.01.2004.61. Non-Veteran Spousal Admission to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
Sec. 01.01.2005.09. State of Maryland Adoption of the National Incident Management System
Sec. 01.01.2005.24. Governor's Subcabinet for International Affairs (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2001.20)
Sec. 01.01.2005.35. Office of the Independent Juvenile Services Monitor
Sec. 01.01.2005.36. (Rescinds Executive Orders 01.01.1995.03, 01.01.1995.18, 01.01.1996.05, and 01.01.1996.06) Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention
Sec. 01.01.2006.02. Maryland Child Care Subsidy Coordinating Council
Sec. 01.01.2006.03. (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2005.34) Governor's Office for Children—Children's Cabinet—Advisory Council for Children
Sec. 01.01.2006.06. Governor's Intergovernmental Commission for Agriculture
Sec. 01.01.2006.07. Maryland Dairy Industry Oversight and Advisory Council
Sec. 01.01.2007.04. Maryland Statistical Analysis Center (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.1985.15)
Sec. 01.01.2007.10. Space Utilization Review
Sec. 01.01.2007.13. Governor's Interagency Transition Council for Youth with Disabilities [Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2000.26]
Sec. 01.01.2007.16. Code of Fair Employment Practices [Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2007.09]
Sec. 01.01.2007.19. Governor's Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs [Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2003.27]
Sec. 01.01.2007.21. Governor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs [Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2003.19]
Sec. 01.01.2007.22. Governor's Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs
Sec. 01.01.2007.25. Governor's Office of Community Initiatives [Amends Executive Order 01.01.2007.18]
Sec. 01.01.2007.26. Information Technology
Sec. 01.01.2008.02. Designation of Agency Representatives for Mid-Contract Negotiations
Sec. 01.01.2008.03. State Employee Risk Management Administration (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2003.51)
Sec. 01.01.2008.07. The Maryland Statewide Communications Interoperability Program
Sec. 01.01.2008.10. Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2008.06)
Sec. 01.01.2009.07. Governor's Commission on African Affairs
Sec. 01.01.2009.08. "Be a Driving Force for Safety" Program for State Employees
Sec. 01.01.2009.09. The Joint Enforcement Task Force on Workplace Fraud
Sec. 01.01.2009.12. Locating State Facilities To Stimulate Transit- Oriented Development
Sec. 01.01.2009.13. Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention
Sec. 01.01.2009.18. Maryland Alcohol Safety Action Program Committee
Sec. 01.01.2010.09. The Maryland State Council on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
Sec. 01.01.2010.10. State Coordinating Committee for Human Services Transportation
Sec. 01.01.2010.13. Governor’s Commission on Small Business
Sec. 01.01.2010.20. The Maryland Domestic Violence Health Care Screening and Response Initiative
Sec. 01.01.2010.21. Maryland Warrior to Worker Initiative
Sec. 01.01.2011.01. State Coordination of State Small Business Credit Initiative
Sec. 01.01.2011.09. Maryland Health Quality and Cost Council (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2007.24)
Sec. 01.01.2011.12. Governor’s Economic Development and Job Creation Fast Track
Sec. 01.01.2011.13. Regional Bomb Squad Readiness and Coordination
Sec. 01.01.2012.01. Recognition of the Maryland Indian Status of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe
Sec. 01.01.2012.02. Recognition of the Maryland Indian Status of the Piscataway Indian Nation
Sec. 01.01.2012.03. State Law Enforcement Coordinating Council
Sec. 01.01.2012.04. One Maryland — One Map: Maryland Integrated Map (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2009.20)
Sec. 01.01.2012.05. Governor's Family Violence Council (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2008.16)
Sec. 01.01.2012.11. Governor's Commission on Caribbean Affairs
Sec. 01.01.2012.17. Governor's Commission on South Asian American Affairs
Sec. 01.01.2013.02. Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism (Recinds Executive Order 01.01.2004.58)
Sec. 01.01.2013.03. Public-Private Partnerships — Oversight
Sec. 01.01.2013.04. Governor's Commission for Effective Community Inclusion of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Sec. 01.01.2013.05. Procurement Guidelines — Authorization of Project Labor Agreements, Authorization of Apprenticeship Agreements, and Community Hiring
Sec. 01.01.2013.06. Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.1991.02)
Sec. 01.01.2014.14. Strengthening Climate Action in Maryland (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2007.07)
Sec. 01.01.2014.15. Juvenile Grant Planning and Review Council
Sec. 01.01.2015.02. State Fleet Goals for Zero-Emission Vehicles
Sec. 01.01.2015.08. Standards Of Conduct For Executive Branch Employees and Reporting Of Misconduct
Sec. 01.01.2015.19. Governor's Workforce Investment Board (Recinds Executive Order 01.01.2004.60)
Sec. 01.01.2015.22. The Department of Commerce
Sec. 01.01.2015.26. Governor's Office of Performance Improvement
Sec. 01.01.2016.03. Maryland Early Graduation Scholarship Program
Sec. 01.01.2016.07. Governor’s Commission on Maryland Military Monuments (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2011.06)
Sec. 01.01.2016.12. Council on Cancer Control
Sec. 01.01.2016.13. Starting the Public School Year after Labor Day (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2016.09)
Sec. 01.01.2017.09. Sensible Paid Leave in the Executive Branch of State Government
Sec. 01.01.2017.11. Renewal of Executive Order 01.01.2017.02 Regarding the Heroin, Opioid, and Fentanyl Overdose Crisis Declaration of Emergency
Sec. 01.01.2017.13. Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan for Maryland (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2015.01)
Sec. 01.01.2017.14. Office of Rural Broadband
Sec. 01.01.2017.17. Back River Midge Reduction
Sec. 01.01.2017.23. Maryland Disability Employment Awareness Month (Recinds Executive Order 01.01.2009.10)
Sec. 01.01.2017.25. Prohibiting Discriminatory Boycotts of Israel in State Procurement
Sec. 01.01.2017.31. Recognition of the Maryland Indian Status of the Accohannock Tribe
Sec. 01.01.2017.33. Guidelines for Regulatory-Impact Analyses and Evaluations (recinds Executive Order 01.01.1996.03)
Sec. 01.01.2018.02. Access to Services for Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors
Sec. 01.01.2018.04. Reorganization of State Government — Office of Small Business Regulatory Assistance SECTION 1. Be it ordered by the Governor of Maryland, pursuant to Article II, Section 24, of the Constitution of Maryland, that Sections 14-201 through 14-205 of the Economic Development Article and the Subtitle “Office of the Business Ombudsman” be repealed. SECTION 2. And be it further ordered, that: Article — Business Regulation
Sec. 01.01.2018.06. Gubernatorial Considerations in Parole of Inmates Serving Terms of Life Imprisonment
Sec. 01.01.2018.08. Active-Assailant Incident Preparedness and Coordination
Sec. 01.01.2018.17. Student Loan Repayment Benefits to Relieve State Workforce Shortages
Sec. 01.01.2018.19. Statewide Human Trafficking Response Director
Sec. 01.01.2018.21. Accountability in Elementary and Secondary Education
Sec. 01.01.2018.26. Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention
Sec. 01.01.2018.30. Inter-Agency Heroin and Opioid Coordinating Council (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2017.01)
Sec. 01.01.2019.01. Maryland Opportunity Zone Leadership Task Force
Sec. 01.01.2019.05. (Rescinds Executive Order 01.01.2015.09) Judicial Nominating Commissions
Sec. 01.01.2019.06. (Amends Executive Order 01.01.2019.02) Commission to Study Mental and Behavioral Health in Maryland
Sec. 01.01.2019.07. Maryland Cyber Defense Initiative
Sec. 01.01.2019.08. Energy Savings Goals for State Government